Anchor text is clickable text in a hyperlink. A hyperlink links one site to another and also passes link juice (a vote of trust/credibility) from: A. where the link is live to: B. The destination of the link. If you don’t want to pass any credibility to a site you can use a NoFollow attribute. In the past, a top requirement for SEO has been earning valuable links for your content with keyword rich anchor text. Before getting too deep into anchor text it’s important to do some keyword research using Google’s Keyword Planner.

Once you know what your main keywords are, plan out your articles for a diversify anchor text back link profile. By creating articles that cover all your topics you can you avoid being punished by Google for cheating. The key is to earn external links to your site by engaging with your audience and getting them to link and share the topic you cover.

Keeping your link profile natural is easy when you create natural content. However, if you want to rank for a specific competitive keyword you should create content  that gets links pointed at it naturally. Paying for your links is considered a link manipulating tactic, this is where using a NoFollow attribute comes in hand. If you want to buy links make sure to nofollow them or you can end up with a Google link penalty or worse.

 If your site has  too many links of the exact keyword you might get punished, however, if your site has none it will never rank. The average natural for anchored text is:

  • Brand links ~25 %
  • Brand URL links ~25%
  • Diverse Keywords and natural links ~25%
  • Exact Keywords ~25%

Many SEO specialists have different opinions on the proper usages of anchor texts and how they affect SEO results, but all SEOs can agree on a diversified link profile.


Use anchor text wisely, do not only focus on your exact keyword, but don’t forget it.  Diversify your anchor text link profile, remember you control all of your internal links. You can also keep an eye on some of your external links indexed by Google, search Google with the following formula: