A “nofollow” link attribute keeps search engines from passing link juice to a specific page. Here’s an example of a regular link: Who’s the Boss Fan Fiction. Why should you use a “nofollow” attribute?

Whenever you want to link to a site without giving them any PageRank, adding the “nofollow” attribute lets the search engine know not to pass any PageRank.

Another reason to use “nofollow” is if you have links on your site’s footer that might look like you are over optimizing  you can add the “nofollow” attribute and avoid any penalties.

Another good reason to use the “nofollow” attribute is to link to content that is not relevant to your site or considered spam. Every time you link to a site you’re giving the site a vote of trust. However, when you use the “nofollow” attribute you’re not giving them that vote of trust.

Here is what the code looks like for a nofollow link, to use it just copy this code below and fill in the blanks.

 <a href=”http://AddYourSitePageHere.com/” rel=”nofollow”>And Anchor Text Here</a>

If your site links to a single site too many times or if you have many site wide links Google may notify you that you need to add the “nofollow” attribute on your links and once you complete adding the nofollow links, submit a reconsideration request.

Here’s what the message looks like:

Recommended action to use the nofollow link attribute