SEO for national E-commerce business.MacDecals Logo

Project Details

  • National SEO
  • Link Building
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media

Some Highlights:

With Google Analytics, we’ve uncovered several opportunities for Mac Decals. Google Analytics provides us with data on how the website visitor found us. With this data, we found new keywords to target which led us to an increase in traffic and sales.

MacDecals was Featured on The fancy multiple times. They got handpicked by the Fancy to create several Fancy Box decals for The Fancy subscribers.

Apple ran a Mac commercial for their new MacBooks since Mac Decals had a strong presence in Google for all terms relating to MacBook Decals and Stickers they got a very nice boost.

With Mac Decals our strategy was part creating an amazing product people love, and part getting the product in front of the right audience. These mini efforts resulted in tremendous results over the years and still do.