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It’s easy for any old digital marketing company to tell a client they need PPC Advertising– but it’s just not true. At Good At Marketing, we only recommend Google Adwords if it’s a smart investment for a business.


What are Google Ads?

What Is Adwords?

Google and Bing Ads are marketing platforms for search engines that allow businesses to bid on keywords in order to show up prominently for searches. The ultimate goal for any search engine is to provide the best user experience. To do this, Google and Bing look at three factors on top of the amount spent to decide who gets the top spot.

Quality Scores

A 0-10 score determined by the quality of an Ad to the keyword searched.

Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions are add-ons that highlight a call-to-action.

Bidding Strategy

The price of a bid reflects how competitive a term is. However, if the Ad score is high and Ad Extensions are properly set up, the bid becomes less expensive.

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