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Combining years of know-how and practical experience with the enthusiasm of beginners, our team will set you up for success. We are right there when you need us and out of your way when you don’t so that your online marketing is streamlined and allows you to get the most out of our services.


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The following members are here to assist you on your journey towards success.

Donnie Strompf

Good At Organic Marketing

In the vibrant city of Amsterdam, in the heart of the Netherlands, Donnie Strompf was born. Little did the world know that this charismatic individual would set forth on an exhilarating journey through the dynamic realm of digital marketing.

Kicking off his professional career as a salesman, Donnie embarked on a whirlwind adventure across various industries. But as fate would have it, destiny had a different plan in store, one that would catapult him into the digital arena.

The year 2008 shook the world, and it also sent ripples through Donnie’s life. His uncle, a co-founder of MBMI Metal Buildings, faced a challenging period when housing bubble repercussions affected their business. Sales leads were dwindling, and the need for innovation was pressing. Enter Donnie, guided by his uncle and a savvy web developer who saw a new path forward.

With grit and determination, Donnie embraced the digital marketing challenge. The journey was far from easy, with countless hours of hard work and a relentless pursuit of success. Yet, after 12 to 16 months of tireless effort, MBMI Metal Buildings achieved the unimaginable – top rankings on Google for nationally searched terms like “Steel Buildings” and “Metal Buildings.”

This breakthrough opened doors to new horizons. Donnie ventured into the thrilling world of SEO, landing at Boasting Biz, an SEO company in Fort Lauderdale. Here, he crossed paths with Jay Hebbar, a future business partner who would shape the trajectory of his career.

From Boasting Biz, Donnie’s journey led him to PMPMG, a digital marketing company co-founded by John Morgan, the visionary behind the nationally acclaimed brand Morgan & Morgan, a powerhouse in the legal world. Donnie’s tenure at PMPMG was transformative, further sharpening his digital marketing acumen and propelling him toward his next chapter.

The desire for growth and new challenges led him to Shark Bite SEO, where he took the reins of a digital marketing team. This experience not only enhanced his skills but also solidified his position as a leader in the industry.

In July 2017, Donnie embarked on a bold venture by founding “Good At Marketing,” a testament to his unwavering self-belief and vision for the digital landscape. Over the years, his journey continued to evolve, culminating in the establishment of “Rapid SEO Host” in 2022 and “Asset Linkable” in 2023, marking the next thrilling chapters in his adventure.

Today, Donnie Strompf stands as a beacon of inspiration in the dynamic world of digital marketing. From Amsterdam to the forefront of a fast-paced industry, his story is a testament to the enduring power of passion, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence. Donnie isn’t just a marketer; he’s a visionary who has left an indelible mark on the digital landscape. And the saga continues, with new horizons and challenges awaiting his indomitable spirit.

Jay Hebbar

Good At Design & Development

Our resident website developer has a career that began in 2007 and has only expanded since. He is considered an expert in WordPress, in both UI and Development. Jay currently owns his own development company, following years of accumulated experience working in various marketing and development agencies. His vast technical know-how allows him to achieve tasks with ease, irrespective of how complex they may be. If you can conceive it, he can build it!

Roni Strompf

Good At Writing, Editing & Paid Marketing

Having graduated from the University of Miami School of Law in 2011, Roni promptly became a DJ and music producer. While he has pursued his passion, he still enjoys applying his mind scholastically. It’s only fitting that he should write content. Having earned multiple university degrees, he has shown his abilities to synthesize language to be beyond proficient. Additionally, Roni is certified in Google Ads and administers our accounts as well, writing ads as needed. 

Taryn Polsky

Good At Project Management

Taryn has a strong background in communications and over a decade of experience in the field of marketing. A graduate of Florida Atlantic University, she possesses a deep understanding of effective communication strategies.

 Her passion for continuous learning fuels her ability to stay ahead of industry trends and apply innovative strategies. With a genuine desire to be of assistance, Taryn is always ready to lend a hand, offering valuable insights and support as a Project Manager to both colleagues and clients.

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