We understand that it’s hard to choose an internet marketing agency when these services get offered to your business multiple times a week (sometimes per day). And we get it, how can you trust a company when there are endless stories of businesses getting cheated out there. The short answer is, you can’t and you probably shouldn’t.

Before signing up with Good At Marketing, you will get a full analysis of your company’s internet marketing condition. A senior digital marketing expert will spend up to two weeks in your office and create a plan. With this research, you will have a clear path to success for your business.

After your plan is completed, we give you an estimate for your monthly costs based on work to be performed.
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What’s Included in the research?

  • Company Goals
  • Competitor Research
  • Internal Operations
  • Business History & Reputation
  • Tools and Software Recommendations
  • Creatives and Content
  • Website Health
  • Brand Popularity
  • SEO Strategy
  • Tracking & Reporting

Just picture it, working with an expert in your office, finding opportunities, uncovering issues and creating a plan crafted to your needs.

Building a relationship with your account manager is important to your success. Having someone from our team in your office will create a stronger relationship than working with a stranger you’ve never met. Unfortunately, without a strong relationship and plan you will be wondering what you’re actually paying for and in many cases, you may be paying for nothing.

Looking to grow your digital marketing presence? Contact us to get started. You will be amazed at what we come up with for your business.