Getting Started With Online Gift Guide Marketing

What is a gift guide?

When you are struggling to find the perfect gift for someone, you might wonder what a “gift guide” is—or, more specifically, how it can help you. In the past, gift guides were all about the holiday season: they were published in late fall/early winter and featured gift suggestions for everyone on your list. But now, gift guides come in many formats, and you can read them all year long. In addition, they can include items for just about every passion, from travel to technology to health and fitness.

Bringing More Shoppers To Your Website

By adopting the tone of a gift guide for your site, you effectively put together a resource that can help build brand awareness, increase sales, and bring visitors to your website. This is made possible by using unique terminology and engaging visuals (e.g., images, charts, products, poster designs). Thus, it becomes easier to reach a wider audience because they now have the appeasement to do so.

How do you write a gift guide?

Divide the Guide into Manageable Sections

The best Gift Guides are broken down into manageable sections. These sections should be determined by the nature of the item being discussed, e.g., age groups, theme, interests, etc. In addition, it is essential to break down each section into a list of items that allow the visitor to see whether they are interested in an item instantly, find out more about it, and decide whether they have found what they were looking for.

Spectacular Visuals Draw More Customers

It’s time to start incorporating more images into your digital content. People read and respond more to colorful, high-quality photos than plain text. In fact, they view 90 percent more images than text-only content.

How do you market a gift guide?

Gift guides are Reputation marketing services for online stores and brick & mortar stores alike. There are many ways to generate new customers, but cross-marketing your products with items from similar brands is one of the best ways to grow your own audience. Of course, promoting the gift guide alone won’t usually trigger enough conversions, but if you strike deals with the other brands featured in the guide, it’ll pay off in earned income from cross-promotions they share with their own shoppers.

Examples of well-executed gift guides

Having your own gift guide has been proven to drive more traffic to your store. As we head into the holiday season, we can never have enough gift guides to help you figure out what presents to get your dad, mom, grandma, or that sibling you love dearly. Here are some of the most creative and successful examples of this tactic:

Taking Action!

Creating a gift guide doesn’t take a lot of time, but if you want to publish on schedule during the hectic holiday shopping season, time is very much of the essence. Shoppers don’t like to wait too long for gifts, so be sure to give them enough lead time.

I hope you’ve got a better understanding of this great marketing tactic that can create brand awareness and generate revenue at the same time. Get started now!