Outside the Box Social Media Tactics

Find The Audience

Who is your audience?

What are they interested in purchasing?

What are their objections?

Create The Message

Promote it to them when they eat

Promote it to them when they sleep

Promote it to them when they are walking on the street

Go the Extra Mile

Follow the buyer journey / Shop as if you are the client

Call and talk to a representative / Is the business running smoothly?

Create The Advertisements

With all the data collected from research and testing, the work becomes clear.  The deeper you dig into the topic the more opportunity you will find. The key is to search in areas no one else is looking. To create in ways others are not thinking and to involve everyone in the process. The team is helpful in the knowledge of business and the clients teach us what they like/dislike.

Guess Work vs. Data Work

When it comes to developing a website, there are a few different types of clients.

#1 the – “I want it exactly like this and here is a drawing I made in the shower because this is all I can think about” 

#2 the – “You decide everything, I trust you

#3 the – “I want it like this …no, actually, I want it like that. …mmmno …maybe …yeah …no.”

I have learned quickly that #1 is the most ideal client, they know what they want and they are passionate about what they do. They are willing to do some research and tell us why they want it that way. #2 comes in second place and is likely going to lead to a lot of back and forth but not the end of the world, just need to educate the client better. And finally #3 the hard-to-please client with the lowest’s of budgets and the highest of expectations. The #3 client would prefer to guess instead of look at data.

The data is our guide to success. Without it, we are flying blindly. Gathering data is crucial and having an analytical team will always be beneficial when it comes to social media marketing. For example, if you learn that your audience hangs out on Facebook all day, you might think “I need to hire a FB Ads Specialist” or read a good “Facebook Advertising Guide” or search for “Facebook Ad Examples“. The bottom line, data helps us paint our picture. Not the same picture from inside the box as everyone else, our own picture. The bigger one.

The Bigger Picture

If you take something someone had done in the past and replicate it you might be successful in achieving similar results and sure you can make some money. Why is this a bad plan? This is all you know and all you will learn. If you are fed your entire life by someone else, you will likely have trouble feeding yourself. You will not know how to think for yourself and you will be confined to that space. What can we do to be different? Literally anything! But before doing so, we need to do our research and learn the ins and outs. More so the outs.

Problem Solving

If you solve someone’s problem by inventing a gadget, creating something, or providing a service. It is imperative that you understand where these problems exist for your audience.  If I know that my demographic all wants to know how much an item costs, I can provide that information to them quickly. If most of the audience has similar objections, we know that we need to fix something internally or provide a good answer. If we solve problems before users need to reach out, they will likely buy.


Key Performance Indicators

With the data above and a large cup of coffee. We want to map out our plan. Being outside the box works best when you can visualize the entire picture. Each part of business has a role. Every business has different KPI’s that they target. most businesses focus on one or more of the following, when they should take all into account:



Social Media KPI Image


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