Google Maps Marketing Service Icon Ever notice how your search engine results look different in a different city? It’s no mistake– Google searches are designed to serve users better based on their location. This is especially helpful for people looking for a service or product within their community.

So where does your brand stand in local rankings? If it’s not at the top of the page, your business is losing money. Luckily, Google Maps Marketing and Local SEO can get you there.

Google Maps Marketing

Google Maps Marketing Icon

Are your competitors stealing your potential clients? If a Google user searches for a service + location, the engine returns three map results above the first organic results. If you’re not in those three results in your area, the answer to the question above is a definite “yes.”

A Google Maps Marketing plan helps restaurants, hotels, hair salons, storage units, and more show up in that eye-catching map so your community can find you! You will attract new business and prevent competitors from taking your clients by properly optimizing your site to show up in Google Maps. You won’t believe the increase in clients– but you’ll love it!

Local SEO

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Local SEO supplements the efforts made with Google Maps Marketing. Local SEO depends on a site built with best practices with high popularity. A clean site that clearly defines its industry and community can do that. Additionally, the site needs a clean reputation– no black hat techniques! This takes time, but the long-term return on investment is worth it.

Local SEO can be expensive– but it’s worth the investment. There is a good chance your competitors are working to take that top spot in local results. Don’t let them take your potential business– stay ahead of the competition with our free marketing audit.