Google Maps Marketing Service Icon Ever notice how your search engine results look different in a different city? It’s no mistake– Google searches are designed to serve users better based on their location. This is especially helpful for people looking for a service or product within their community.

So where does your brand stand in local rankings? If it’s not at the top of the page, your business is losing money. Luckily, Google Maps Marketing and Local SEO can get you there.

Google Maps Marketing – What Is The Competiton Up To?

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Are your competitors stealing your potential clients? If a Google user searches for a service + location, the engine returns three map results above the first organic results. If you’re not in those three results in your area, the answer to the question above is a definite “yes.”

A Google Maps Marketing plan helps lawyers, dentists, restaurants, hotels, hair salons, storage units, and just about any local business can benefit from being in top positions on Google Maps. When you rank in the top map positions you generate more leads. Attract new business and prevent competitors from taking your clients by properly optimizing your site to show up in Google Maps. You won’t believe the increase in clients– but you’ll love it!

Local SEO

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Local SEO supplements the efforts made with Google Maps Marketing. Local SEO depends on a site built with best practices with high popularity. A clean site that clearly defines its industry and community can do that. Additionally, the site needs a clean reputation– no black hat techniques! This takes time, but the long-term return on investment is worth it.

Local SEO can be expensive– but it’s worth the investment. There is a good chance your competitors are working to take that top spot in local results. Don’t let them take your potential business– stay ahead of the competition with our free marketing audit.

Google Maps

Google maps is one of the most breakthrough invention that made the process of seeking directions and reaching required locations free of manual help (stopping on the way to ask someone for direction). Google maps is a navigation app (helps guide travelers) which made paper based maps loose its standing as the go to means of locating an address. It is known to provide directions to more than 1 billion people a year and has amazing reviews by its users.

Google maps is much more than a means to search for directions, or to see the listing of different business categories like salons or restaurants. The Google maps application that provides maps results inclusive of real time traffic, distance to destination, pictures of the searched location, customer review, pin location, suggestion of other similar locations based on your query, listed phone number, listed email and basic information about the business. Whether you are a local looking for the address of new local businesses like a restaurant or a tourist in a completely new country looking for the tourist attractions with both positive reviews and negative reviews, Google maps is your best friend and it is very user friendly.

When planning a vacation the maps search results will provide details pertaining to the location of your hotel, its zip code, the room types and their rates, whether they have a bar, their logo, the service by their team of employees, variety cuisine (example Chinese) in their menu, nearby attractions, eateries and shopping areas. Therefore whether its a local travel or an international journey Google maps make sure you get a high level of convenience by just making a few clicks on your mobile phone. It can provide search results to you in English or a local language of your choice to cater to your search query in the best possible manner.

How do I get my ranking on Google Maps Marketing?

Google maps has now become the one stop solution for any consumer. When they search for anything on the Google search engine it also shows the maps results for searched location. The searchers are also able to click on the links to either head to the map for directions from their current location or head to their respective websites for more information. 

It can be quite a loss for your business if it does not come up in the top search results among other local business. Since there are many businesses present, consumers tend to trust those who appear on top in the google maps results. They see it as a reflection of them having a high number of potential customers, multiple positive customer reviews, significant online presence and a reliable business profile. 

It is a given that Google maps – the holy grail of all apps, is an amazing marketing tool and should be part of every business’s marketing strategies. If a business uses Google maps marketing improves its visibility to the users who are searching for something using the application. The advantage of this is considerable for a well set business but even more advantageous for improving the ranking of relatively new businesses. Owing to its ability to improve a business’s positioning Google maps marketing has become an integral part of its digital marketing plan. 

Google maps marketing brings a two pronged approach for benefiting a business. It not only helps a business improve its rankings in the Google maps results but also helps them appear among the top results in the company’s search engine list. Google maps tends to show you results in two main ways:


  1. Distanced/proximity based listing: This type of results show up when your location services are on you device like your phone. When you search for a salon, the Google maps results will display salons ranking from those closest to you being on top and the further they are the lower they will show up in the ranking. It means the application prioritizes those whose business location is near to you.  Alternatively you may rank on top of the business listing by using paid ad on Google and using ppc. There is a possibility that the top ranking is an organic result based on help from seo 1 (for improving content by using keyword optimization and image optimization).
  2. Ranking within Google maps: This type of search results become applicable when you are location services are not switched on. Furthermore your business rank may not always be on top even if you have the highest rating for the searched category like hospitals. This positioning of your business stems from a google maps seo under Google My Business and some other factors like content optimization on your business page, presence of complete business information that builds trust, your marketing efforts and level of online advertisement.

Optimizing Google My Business Account

Creating your Google my Business Account

Google My Business is a platform that allows business owners to ask for a listing that appears for their business when individuals use google maps. You can download the app on your mobile device or opened on your desktop systems. This listing tends to contain the business address, their service area, the business name, a link giving access to their site, contact information, store or operating hours, and customer rating based on their experiences of their products or services. Even some as simple as an incomplete address can lower your ranking on Google maps. 

You start by creating your Google my Business Account, and fill out a form by providing all the necessary information to have a complete business profile. Your address should be written as per the format of postal service in your area. In the United States this is the USPS.This should have at least three things; detailed location data, complete zip code (can be four, five, six nine digit etc.), and no formatting or spelling errors in the typed text. Once you have finished entering the details like your address you should tick the checkbox that states you would like your address to be displayed in Google maps.

People searching for a brand or product needs info about the service area business since it will tell them if your business will deliver anywhere or has specific places in which they offer delivery or have a store (with an attractive storefront). Furthermore it is important that people have knowledge pertaining to whether you are a virtual service or a physical store so they do not mistake one for another. 

Google my Business Account follows this by the verification of your business by mailing a postcard (their chosen verification method) to the entered address with each business sent their unique pins that they have to enter into their account to get verified. This takes time since they tend to undertake bulk verification periodically.

The next step in the optimization process is reviewing the checklist pertaining to the category of business in your profile on Google my Business Account. In case you only enter the primary category of your business like “online marketing” and you leave out any other services you provide, everyone who views your business listing will not have awareness about the other services. You may be catering to email marketing, social media marketing, local seo strategy, web design, developing blogs and article as part of content marketing and developing algorithms for other websites. All this is not all reflected in the primary category of online marketing. Extensive detail about your business helps you achieve your objective of optimization in a better manner. 

Introduction about your business

There are numerous businesses in the market many of which are a direct competition for your business. The description that describe the various aspects of your business like the product features, quality of what you provide to the customer and your usps is what sets you apart from the other businesses. There is a lot of white noise present and in order to break through that you need to have a well formulated introduction tailored to your target audience that strengthens your preposition relative to the competition. Optimizing your introduction is an essential component of your marketing strategy for Google map marketing. You should do detailed research on key words relative to your product or service and your target audience, then ensure to include those in the introduction to optimize your Google business account. 

Images – Google mapping for business

In order to optimize your Google business account it is important to optimize the photos pertaining to your business as well. Any searches for a category of business like apparel for women also takes into account photo views when it comes to local search results. Lack of optimized images will impact your google maps search results in a negative way.

Customer reviews

The google local search results do not show customer reviews until you have attained at least 5 reviews. You should definitely encourage your happy customers to share their reviews for your business. You also need to keep a look out for unhappy customers who might have faced issues with your product or service. Negative reviews will spoil your ranking on the Google search results. Furthermore reviews posted on platforms like Google, Yelp or Yahoo local are a citation for your business that tend to become recorded and evaluated by tools like Hubspot and Sprout Social. You will have to research on the internet about how many reviews top ranked pages or business in Google maps deploy tactics to get the same number or more ratings for your business than the competitor. This feature of Google maps has a significant role in ranking of your ‘google my business listing’.

Google mapping business has definitely changed the place where a local business would spend money for their marketing strategy. Previously they had a bigger focus on requesting the marketing agency for conventional advertising, working on the reputation of the business by PR activities and designing an annual newsletter to be sent by mail. Now this has changed to a greater focus on online presence and customer conversion via online platforms. Online presence can either directly lead to a purchase via E-commerce or increase customer footfall to your website or store for making a transaction. In order to ensure this now the majority spend is on developing backlinks, keywords used for publications like articles on your business, paid ppc ads, top of the line seo tool to optimize your page and monitor the performance of competitors.

Optimizing your marketing content for Google maps marketing

Optimizing your Google business account to improve your Google maps marketing is just one of the many ways to improve your standing among the local search listings. However that is by no means the only element that helps you top the google my business results. Your Google maps marketing strategy goes beyond optimizing your business google account. There are some marketing tips that your company should adopt to improve your search engines results, higher foot traffic, increase comments and citations (review posts) about your business, quality backlinks on other sites and experience growth in revenue.

Nothing comes for free and everything takes time to show results. Hence prior to putting marketing google strategy into motion you have to be patient to attain your goal and paint a success filled picture of your business. 

In order to improve your listing on google maps for business you need to do the following:

  1. Scan the landscape of the industries or industry you are entering or have already entered. This is to conduct an evaluation of what other people are doing as part of their google maps marketing to improve their google my business listing. This will also help you see what local seo is being done by other local businesses in the same category, which makes them your direct competitors. These analytics will help you answer the questions of what you should do to increase the visits to your website or store visits which will tell where to divert your financial resources. Based on this analysis companies should devise their own google maps marketing strategy. It is also a good idea to involve a team of lawyers to ensure you are not breaking any copyright or marketing laws.
  2. Start by optimizing content on your online platform or on other platforms about your business to improve your listing within search ads. Once you have seen what local seo is being adopted by the businesses you narrow down your target market based on your business category and identify keywords that are tailored to them. The Keyword Tool can be used to do so. These keywords should then be incorporated in any post or mentions that are made about your business, in every section on your website, and in news items. After optimizing content you will need to track its performance and relevancy to your target audience. Is it leading to an increased visit trend to your website, has risen facebook mentions of your business and have shown a significant percentage increase in the searcher results on google my business and google maps marketing. 
  3. Optimize every graphical element that the eyes can view. There are thousands of images present on the web and unless the figures and pictures on your platform are not optimized your effort will not be reflective of productivity. If lack of image optimization is your issue then you deal with it by taking actions to correct it and improve the standing of your url in the local search ads. 
  4. Your google maps marketing by using local seo cannot just be allotted to anyone it needs an expert. This is someone who is well versed with the working of google my business listing and how to optimize it. Make sure your business has at least one person solely responsible to improve your business listing by exploring options that work for your business. These could include seo to improve its position in the google my business listing, develop insights by using metadata and use them to increase business prominence, generating leads for quality back linking which are a fit for your business category, tailored response to any feedbacks from past marketing strategy and make sure to break through the volume of marketing by other businesses.
  5. Gain positive reviews about your business by regarding the buyers for customer loyalty, conduct sales or promotions, coupons, credit to spend later, have give away that gives customers a chance to win something and if you are catering to a global market then make sure you keep in mind that your products and marketing should match the multiple audiences in different cities of the world. 
  6. Cookies tend to track data pertaining to tabs open in a browser, a video being watched, what is the user reading, their attention span or a particular pop up advertisement, the topics they search for, the terms or question they use for searching about certain products and what is their favorite kind of content. This data helps organizations design their google maps marketing strategy to improve their listing and search engine results.
  7. Businesses can also set aside an amount for paid advertisements. These help your google maps marketing to be optimized and your business appearing among the top in local search ads. These should bear relevance to the locals and international customers the business caters to.

Conclusion – Google Maps Marketing

About two decades ago it was common practice to use a business card in physical meetings for developing prospects, there were directories used for phone calls, and conventional means of marketing were used keeping the tone of any communication in complete check. However changes occurred in the fields of marketing and chances evolved for businesses to seize the opportunity and optimize their online presence in google maps marketing. The positions of your products are not just dependent on one single thing like conventional marketing mediums. That has actually been pushed into one side by the new modern tools like seo for maps marketing google. Everything from your reviews and feedback, to the service of your field staff, your optimized content, how secure is the path to your website, the care with which a customer matter is handled and the amount of sense put into the overall marketing strategy all play a factor in strengthening the stats for your business. Your business may enter a tricky situation at times like a bad customer review because of the fact that their free coupon did not work. Many such cases (some with proof, some just based on a rumor) occur over the life of a business but they have to be dealt with a bit of authority and a bit of care for the customer.

You will try a ton of different marketing methods and incur considerable cost before you actually get it right. In addition to everything you are accountable for any mistake from your pack of marketers or a nap (not literally) that your seo strategy took and caused your google maps marketing results to fall down the list. Hence be vigilant and have ample dexterity to always keep your business on top.

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