Case Study: 20 Competitive Keywords – 1st Place Position in Google After 3 Months

A case study of a Good At Marketing client (Copyright Infringement Attorney) who signed up with us in August 2017.
Here is the first report – One Month In. 3 keywords in the top spot of Google (Organic Section).

1 month later, we increased the number of 1st place Google rankings to 9.

After 3 months of signing up, we got our client to rank for 20 keywords in first place on Google.

The client is in an extremely competitive market. The 20 terms are: City + Trademark Attorney / City + Copyright Attorney / City + Intelectual Property Attorney and if you substitute Attorney for Lawyer when you search, they’re still in top ranking placement on Google.

How has your internet marketing agency improved your Google rankings in the past three months? If the answer makes you cringe…

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