The Importance Of Blogging for SEO

Blogging For SEO image showing the value that results. This includes links, shares and likes

Blogging for SEO in today’s day an age is optional, sure. So is driving, using a smart phone or investing in your business. Blogging has always been optional. In reality, everything in life is optional. We get to make choices. If you clicked into this article you are likely wondering: “Do I need a Blog … Read more

These Google Search Console Tips Will Make A Powerful Impact On Your Results

Google Search Console Image

There are many ways to use Google Seach Console to improve the performance of a website on Google. We’ve listed some simple ways to segment data that has helped us gain easy (and lucrative) wins. Uncovering Opportunities with Impressions Log into Google Search Console and click on your website.  Click “Search Traffic” -> “Search Analytics“. Check off the “Impressions” box … Read more