The Google SERP: How Google Presents Local Searches

SERP – Search Engine Results Page

When you search using Google, results are split into three distinct sections. If you want your brand to show up for keywords relating to your business, it takes a few different techniques. Before you start, it’s a good idea to become familiar with how Google organizes its page one.

Google searches are split into three sections:

1. The Pay Per Click Section

This section may relate to your search, but the businesses paid to be there through Google Adwords. Positions for Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisers are determined by a number of factors, but a quality digital marketer can help you navigate the platform. You will see an increase in traffic and, in turn, sales.

Google PPC

2. The Google Maps Section

Say you own a pizza parlor. When you Google “pizza,” the search engine is going to return a large, eye-catching graphic named the Google Carousel. Having your business show up in the Carousel is a great way to attract new customers– but there is a catch. Google Maps only displays three businesses. Investing in Google Maps Marketing can get you to the top.

Google Maps Listings

3. The Organic Section (SEO)

The Organic Section shows results based on Google’s recognition of the trustworthiness of your business’s site. When you invest in long-term SEO strategies, you can see your business rise in the ranks over time.

Another aspect of SEO is finding the right keywords to optimize. You may be surprised at how people are finding you. At Good At Marketing, we can help create a database of keywords to optimize so your business grows as your site’s organic traffic goes up.

For many local businesses Local SEO is just not worth it, contact us a Good At Marketing and we will evaluate your business’s potential in search and provide you with the best solution.

Google Organic Results

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