The Importance Of Blogging for SEO

Blogging For SEO image showing the value that results. This includes links, shares and likes

Blogging for SEO in today’s day an age is optional, sure. So is driving, using a smart phone or investing in your business. Blogging has always been optional. In reality, everything in life is optional. We get to make choices. If you clicked into this article you are likely wondering: “Do I need a Blog … Read more

What Type of Technical Skills Should a Project Manager Have?

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When you’re a project manager in the world of marketing, it may sometimes feel like you need to know everything. You might meet with clients who ask you about the creative process, or partner with team members who expect you to understand what they’re saying about collapsing cookies. The good news is, in these hyper-specific … Read more

These Google Search Console Tips Will Make A Powerful Impact On Your Results

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There are many ways to use Google Seach Console to improve the performance of a website on Google. We’ve listed some simple ways to segment data that has helped us gain easy (and lucrative) wins. Uncovering Opportunities with Impressions Log into Google Search Console and click on your website.  Click “Search Traffic” -> “Search Analytics“. Check off the “Impressions” box … Read more

Case Study: 20 Competitive Keywords – 1st Place Position in Google After 3 Months

A case study of a Good At Marketing client (Copyright Infringement Attorney) who signed up with us in August 2017. Here is the first report – One Month In. 3 keywords in the top spot of Google (Organic Section). 1 month later, we increased the number of 1st place Google rankings to 9. After 3 … Read more

Importance Of Google Reviews

Google reviews are extremely important for visibility in today’s world. If your business has no reviews, chances are you’re not getting any local search traffic from Google or any other search directory. Why is Local Search Important? Experienced searchers are looking for reliable businesses and everyday searchers are becoming more experienced. 20 years ago internet … Read more